"Self-portrait" is the work made to the Matsui Fuyuko's school days. She did the sketch quite carefully, and she drew this self-portrait, having applied time and effort. This is immediately understood, if it sees. This self-portrait was exhibited at this exhibition just before the ability "Becoming Friends with All the Children in the World". So, I was not able to see this self-portrait as an independently independent work. It was made to see, considering relation that I can make friends with the child in the Matsui Fuyuko's "Becoming Friends with All the Children in the World".

That I looked at and felt "Self-portrait" was the production associated with pity which gets damaged the same with it being in the ability "Becoming Friends with All the Children in the World". In exhibition, "Underdrawing for Self-portrait" was located in a line with "Self-portrait", and it was exhibited. In respect of the production which damages oneself, she was doing various operations with the work compared with the sketch. For example, it is a background. And she applied the portion of the hair of the hair of "Self-portrait" to the whole surface white, and as the hood was covered completely, she showed. What I paid my attention to here is not the portion she modified  "Underdrawing for Self-portrait" and a certain operation carried out but the portion which did not add a hand. The portion which she did not modify is a face. She is making "Self-portrait", without adding a hand taking advantage of a polite sketch about the face which may be called beauty. In fact, also in other works, she has carried out no processing and operation to the face. On the other hand, she is chopping up each portion of the bodies, such as a hand, a leg, and the body, in other works. The starting point of such her body expression is on this"Self-portrait". I in particular do not consider that this will conduct psychological pattern analysis. She has not added processing to a face in the work. This shows that her identity does not make it steadfast and has not necessarily collapsed. That is, although she damages the body in a work, it is not having damaged oneself out of necessity and having carried out intentionally and strategically as production. She wrapped herself in various clothes, exposed to media, made up herself, and became a model of the photograph. Such her act does not modify a face in a self-portrait, but is related to changing the color of the hair. It is expression of the intention that both pretend the external surface. Thus, she shows the essential intention of being external and decorative, in "Self-portrait" or her act.


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