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I will introduce the album of jazz here. I recently started listening to genre-classified music called jazz. I am not accustomed to this type of music, so any of several jazz recordings sound the same. First, I did not quite know which one of the many recordings to listen to. So, superficially, I read a magazine about jazz, an introduction book, and a famous guide guidebook at a bookstore. Unfortunately, I could not get any information or knowledge about music, even though I read those books. It was only the authors' personal thoughts, music experiences, or episodes of Mujan that I could learn. What I wanted to know was the difference in the performances of the performers, Mr. A and Mr. B, the characteristics of Mr. A's performance, that is, the charm of the performance of individual jazz musicians. Does the author want to say that he can hear such a thing with his ears? As he is, I will not read such books. Actually, as I was in a state of white where there was not any preliminary knowledge or sensitivity to jazz, it was difficult to hear the content almost from the performance of jazz. For example, I was not able to distinguish phrases at first, so I could not hear the melody.

So, here, I tried to provide one clue to know myself what I said above. For example, I would like to tell you about the performance of Mr. A, "It is the feature that is playing such a thing here" according to the performance as much as possible. I certainly believe that the sound that comes to be heard for the first time by words as words. However, what I describe here is what my ears perceived subjectively. As you actually heard the music, you may not recognize it as I mentioned.

Also, I do not intend to press on listening as it is written here.

So, as I will tell you here, I want to give you the opportunity to start listening to music, listening to music, thinking. Here, I am talking to those who have heard the album that I have introduced even once. Therefore, what I am talking about here will not be helpful for people who will choose which album to buy an album from now on. The reader assumed by me is listening to the album but I do not remember it as impressive, I heard that there are different ways of listening other than the impression I listened to, or I would like to talk about someone with the album, but suitable People say they cannot find a word.

Some people say that when listening to music, they can listen to their ears at bare shackles. However, I listened to music in accordance with the advice, but I could only recognize that I was just shedding sound. However, after listening to music, when I talked to someone about the album I listened to, I heard that the other person had this phrase and so on so that I heard that the music heard many times It often happens that I noticed that there was a phrase that I missed. Later, when I listen to the album again, I find a phrase that I have not noticed before. And, I will listen to the album with a clue from it. At that time, I will discover new music that is different from the music I was listening to. At that time, I then regret that I had listened to music only casually. I am arrogant, I am secretly thinking about such things.









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